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The Comprehensive Emergency Management Research Network (CEMRN) utilizes a multi-disciplinary perspective to address issues related to emergency management. The vision of the CEMRN is to serve as a credible source of knowledge and expertise regarding evaluation, information dispersion, research, training, and development of research-based solutions to practical emergency management challenges and opportunities.

We recognize that meaningful, comprehensive emergency management research that links the theoretical with the practical applications of the study is a demanding endeavor that is challenged by:


The mission of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Research Network (CEMRN) is to link the multiple disciplinary perspectives of emergency management research, and to ultimately bridge the theoretical and practical applications of the profession through the shared contributions of its membership, and to provide a forum and catalyst that advances and improves comprehensive emergency management. As a comprehensive group, CEMRN will be able to conduct, warehouse, and distribute emergency management related research, educational material, information, and data to a well-educated and experienced cadre of professionals using state of the art technology.


  1. Provide a forum with the goal of linking the multi-disciplinary perspectives of comprehensive emergency management research.
  2. Provide a forum that promotes research-based solutions to practical issues of comprehensive emergency management.
  3. Continuously seek partnerships that will expand the CEM Research Network and diversify future opportunities.
  4. Promote the profession of emergency management
  5. Be a recognized expert in the field of research and evaluation.
  6. Develop and deliver training programs, material, and opportunities for corporations, academic, governmental agencies, and non-government organizations.
  7. Be an international warehouse of disaster and emergency management related information.
  8. Expand technology to efficiently and effectively meet our clients' needs.